April tier skirt

April tier skirt

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A glamorous but super comfy full elastic waisted dress in pure linen with a stunning ruffle for a bit of pizzazz. 
You’ll feel amazing in this no fuss skirt with this gorgeous print by Linen Jungle. 

Care: machine wash on a gentle cycle with delicate detergent. Hang or lay flat in the shade to dry. Warm to hot iron. 

Maker wait: this is a handmade made to order product. Please allow 1-6 weeks maker wait. Although we endeavor to get it to you as soon as possible. 

Small- 61cm - 77cm waist, 106cm hips, 67cm length. 
medium-  72cm - 87cm waist, 128cm hips, 67cm length. 
large- 87cm - 102cm waist, 148cm hips, 67cm length.
xl- 92cm - 112cm waist, 170cm hips, 67cm length 
xxl- 102cm - 117cm waist, 190cm hips, 67cm length.